Therapy To Improve Your Relationships

Relationship Therapy

understanding co-dependency, breakups and divorce, and unhealthy patterns of relationships and dating in relationship therapy

Understanding and creating healthier relationship patterns is a rewarding aspect of therapy. I work with people to identify and address unhealthy relationship patterns with family members, partners, and colleagues. Some of the common issues that people address include:

  • Difficulty communicating

  • Codependency

  • Attachment difficulties

  • Infidelity

  • Sexual intimacy issues

  • Difficulty dating

  • Divorce/break ups

  • Conflict with colleagues 

  • Difficult family dynamics

  • Relationship problems related to past trauma

  • Impacts of addiction on your relationships

How can therapy create more fulfilling relationships?

People often see me because they are having difficulty with a partner, family member, friend or colleague. After sitting together, I find that we are able to identify similar dynamics of relating that exist in many different parts of a client's life.

Common relationship patterns include:

  • feeling guarded and unable to connect and with others,

  • feeling uncared for,

  • having difficulty valuing relationships feeling taken advantage of,

  • continuously finding yourself in relationships that are unhealthy or harmful to you, and

  • difficulty trusting people.

I find that these relationship patterns are not just happening with people, but in a client's relationships to food, sex, money, work as well as drugs and alcohol. Just as it can feel like there is no person that is enough, it can feel that there is not enough money, work hours, or food. Conversely, if you feel that others have disappointed you, and relying on work or substances can be a way of managing feelings of closeness and intimacy.

These patterns often initially develop during a person's early years and/or can be a response to managing difficult or stressful situations. While these patterns of relating may have been helpful in the past, people typically come to therapy because these relationship patterns are no longer serving them.

Our work together is about uncovering and understanding these patterns of relating to things and people. Through the process of therapy, I can help you to feel empowered around these often unconscious patterns and make more conscious decisions about creating fulfilling relationships.