About Morgan Lloyd, LCSW

As a clinical social worker and psychotherapist to the Walnut Creek and East Bay area Morgan has training and experience to work with a variety of complaints. She is especially fond of working with Addictions, Social JusticeTrauma and Abuse, and helping people identify and heal unhealthy life Relationships

She has additional training and experience working with diverse East Bay populations such as Persons of Color, LGBT-QI and adolescents.

With a decade of experience in the helping profession Including being a court appointed special advocate for youth as well as a supervisor and trainer for new mental health clinicians Morgan brings passion, warmth, humor, enthusiasm and breadth of experience to her work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

Morgan is constantly engaged in trainings and consultations in the Walnut Creek area on the latest research in trauma theory, attachment, addictions, and therapeutic interventions in order to provide the best possible services to her clients. 

Morgan Lloyd | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Morgan Lloyd | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Oakland Therapist, Morgan Lloyd

While Morgan enjoys working with depression, anxiety and addictions and helping people develop the tools and confidence to make difficult changes she also works from a relationship perspective believing every relationship affects and shapes our happiness. She is honored to walk with clients on their journey to identifying and healing unhealthy relationships.

She helps clients work through troubling relationships such as:

  • Relationship with food

  • Relationship with work

  • Relationship with family

  • Relationship with partner

  • Relationship with money

  • Relationship with your body

  • Relationship with sex or sexuality

  • Relationship with alcohol or drugs

  • Relationship with self and self worth

  • Relationship with race and racial identify


Since graduating from UC Berkeley with a Masters of Social Welfare with a concentration in Mental Health in 2009, Morgan has worked in a variety of counseling and mental health settings honing her clinical and diversity skills. Her training and intern sites have included West Coast Children's Clinic, Community Health for Asian Americans and the RYSE Center.

Her clinical training includes

  • Providing clinical therapy for adults at various Oakland low fee therapy sites

  • Facilitating Dialectical Behavioral Training (DBT) groups

  • Facilitating Cognitive Behavioral Training (CBT) groups

  • Facilitating dual diagnosis groups (mental health diagnosis + addiction diagnosis)

  • Providing clinical treatment for trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders and issues with addiction

  • Providing clinical therapy and addictions treatment for adolescents

  • Providing clinical supervision and training for new interns

Morgan's  early training work focused on providing psychotherapy for youth and their families who had witnessed substantial violence and experienced significant early childhood trauma.  Being committed to providing quality mental health services to the Oakland community she has presented several trainings for San Francisco CASA on working with traumatized youth using a trauma-informed lens. She also works with LGBT-QI youth and adults both from a mental health and social justice perspective. 

Currently Morgan works in her private practice providing clinical psychotherapy to a diverse array of Oakland adults and youth. She also provides individual supervision and group supervision to licensed and unlicensed therapists at a nearby community site.

Morgan's Affiliations and Work Background