Addictions and sobriety maintenance

treating addictive behaviors using a harm reductive or abstinence based approach

I have over a decade over experience working with people who suffer from addictions and addictive behaviors. People come to therapy when there is a behavior they feel is out of control and is negatively impacting them or the people in their lives. In a non judgmental setting,

I can help you better understand the behavior and decide how best to address it. For some, this may mean a harm reduction approach where we develop a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with using substances. For others, an abstinence approach may be more appropriate. This involves stopping a substance or behavior completely. Addressing an addiction takes a lot of courage and it is my goal to support and encourage you through the process. 

Therapy can help address the following addictions and obsessive behaviors:

  • Alcoholism 

  • Abuse of drugs and pain killers

  • Eating disorders including bulimia

  • Trichotillomania

  • Compulsive spending

  • Skin picking



Therapy/Counseling in Sobriety

Many people come to see me who have been in recovery or abstained from a substance for several years, many participating in a 12 Step group like AA. These clients have done the 12 Steps but are finding that they still suffer from less severe addictive behaviors or thought patterns, feel depressed and/or suicidal, and cannot seem to achieve the serenity they are seeking. Often this happens after people have been sober several years. They feel that while the tools of 12 Step programs have been enormously helpful, there are still some "outside issues" that need to be addressed. Therapy can be a very effective adjunct to your 12 Step program. Together (and with the support of your community) we can understand and address the issues that getting in the way of you enjoying the life you have worked so hard to create. I invite you to call me so we speak about how I might be able to help you.